Remove Vehicle Odors

Our proprietary cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process restores the look and smell of your vehicle while protecting the seats, floor mats and other materials affected. We specialize in eliminating inorganic, organic, and biologically malodorous odors whether they are mild or extreme.

  •  Food Spills – There are  accidents like dropped food and spills, while others are contributed to more serious accidents like urine and vomit. Before you try shampooing urine spots, call us we are a mobile service . Water causes the bacteria to spread deeper into the carpet and seat padding. When you consider a small dog can deposit over 4 ounces of urine into an area, you need vehicle odor removal to help you remove it!
  • After the Flood – Has your vehicle been through a  flood or vandalism? Maybe you forgot to put the top up or close the sunroof before the last big rain storm? Water can also seep in through leaky rubber seals or from open or partially open windows. Water intrusion causes corrosion to your flooring, bolts, and wire harnessing; and deteriorates your leather and textile dyes and fibers. Mold and mildew caused from water leaks and flooding spreads into the fibers of your upholstery so you can’t see it. Some molds produce toxins (poisons) and spores that are harmful to humans or cause allergies when inhaled. We remove all signs of mold and mildew; however, sometimes interior items must be replaced in order to be effective – for instance flooded cars always require new carpet padding and moldy seat-belts must be replaced.
  • Critter Infiltration – . If your vehicle sits outside in the elements or is rarely driven, it is not unusual to find dead rodents, bugs, ants, or other critters camped out in your absence, and even having died there – especially if you leave decaying food remnants or seeping meat juices behind to attracted them. Road sludge such as animal remains on the bumper or caught underneath the car, can infiltrate the interior through your ventilation system .
  • Smoking – Odors caused from cigars, cigarettes, illegal substances, and fire leave smoke residue that infiltrates fabrics and fibers. Your heating and air conditioning ventilation system and air intake manifold may also be blocked or contaminated. Vehicle Odor Removal can decontaminate and sanitize your air filtration so your vehicle smells fresh and clean.
  • Air Conditioning System Treatment– For a germ and allergen-free driving experience, we kill mold and prevent new mold growth throughout the HVAC System and passenger cabin with a safe and effective service.Remove Vehicle Odors

Strongly recommended for cars with Mold, Ozone kills any air borne spores. Thus making the vehicle safe in every way.

Depending upon area which needs treating, we have differing options to remove the bacteria which is causing the smell. In some cases we will use chemical and in other areas different options may be required.

ODORZX provides you with vehicle odor removal services that complete it for the first time; no return of odor or foul smells ( unless odor is reintroduce ). Our odor-removing experts will examine your vehicle and provide you with the best services possible.

We serve the following industries :

• New & Used Car Dealers
• Rental Car Agencies
• Truck Dealers
• RV/Motor Coach Dealers
• Automobile Auctions
• Limo & Shuttle Services
• Taxi Services
• Bus Lines
• Commercial Fleet Maintenance
• Auto Body & Collision Centers
• Automotive Detail Shops
• Camper Sales
• Ride Share Cars


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