Fleet Vehicle Sanitization | Disinfection service


We offer fleet sanitizing services. Whether it’s pickup trucks, vans or delivery vehicles we have experience working with all types of vehicles and with different interiors types such as fabric, plastic and leather there needs to be a proper procedure when handling such materials. These materials can also breed harmful germs that can last up to 72 , we can eliminate these harmful germs



Want someone to handle XXXXXXXX? With our signature service, we visit weekly and maintain your entire  inventory with complete  interior cleaning and odor removal . Get full-service, on-site odor treatment



Our team will come onsite and clean your vehicles proactively. We electrostatic and disinfect the entire INSIDE with disinfectant. Windows, dash areas floors, seats, handles, buttons, seat adjustments, visors, entry handles and both sides of seat belts. We allow the disinfectant to stand for 10 minutes before wiping all areas down.

Give us a call to get an estimate on sanitizing to protect your employees.




Markets We Service

We currently provide professional vehicle disinfecting and odor removal services  for pre own vehicle dealers

Odor removal and odor elimination . Odor Elimination, Horrible smells into fresh odors, We Treat  Automobiles and Motor Homes, Against any bad odors, Pet Odor, Mildew Odor, Cigarette Smoke

Odor Eliminator Service – Professionally removing pet odor, urine smell, smoke residue and any other odor from vehicles, boats, and much more!

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